Flavour Beast Flow


The Flavour Beast Flow is a featured model that provides an ultimate vaping experience of over 4,000 puffs. It’s all about delivering intense and rich flavours to satisfy the vaper’s needs. Let’s enjoy flavourful vaping with the reliable Flow by Flavour Beast.

Flavour Beast Flow

Each Flow disposable vape by Flavour Beast is prefilled with 10ml of e-liquid enriched with 20mg of nicotine salts. It features a puff-activated 1.2-ohm mesh coil and a rechargeable 600mAh battery with USB C fast charging. You can enjoy up to 4000 puffs of mouthwatering vapor.
Whether you prefer a tight mouth-to-lung or open direct-to-lung hit, they are designed to cater to different vaping preferences. The airflow control slider on the bottom side can be easily adjusted. Flavour Beast disposables offer convenience without compromising on delicious flavours. They are committed to providing an exceptional flavour profile to suit every palate.

Flavour Beast Flow Vape Specification:

  • Device Size: 99*32.69 mm
  • Puff count: up to 4000
  • Juice: 10 ml juice 
  • Integrated battery capacity: 600 mAh 
  • Nicotine level: 20 mg
  • Charging port: USB Type C 
  • Coil Resistant: 1.2 Ohm mesh coil

Flow Vape Notable Features and Benefits:

Rechargeable device

The type C recharging port is at the bottom of the Beast Flow. It is a rechargeable device that powers the coil to heat the e-liquid and provide satisfactory clouds. The rechargeable feature increases the disposable life span.

Airflow Control 

Airflow is a crucial feature to avoid a harsher throat-burn taste. The Flow vape device has an airflow to control the air when the auto-draw activated mechanism turns on.

Comfortable Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece structure or design matters for vapes. The inhaling is a necessary process of vaping. The flavor Beast brand crafted a comfortable, easy-to-inhale mouthpiece device to satisfy users with relaxing and smooth vaping.

Mesh Coil

The Flow 4000 disposable vapes are crafted with a 1.2-ohm mesh coil atomizer, which has a longer life span than disposable vapes.


How long does Flavour Beast Flow last?

The 10ml of e-juice and the range of 4000 puffs are enough to use for weeks. It mainly depends on the inhaling style and the vaper’s usage. 

How many flavours are in Flavour Beast Flow?

There are almost 32 flavours available in Flow disposable vape to give vaping pleasure.

  • Super Spearmint
  • Pure Tobacco
  • Arctic Ice
  • Mighty Matcha Ice
  • Groovy Grape Passionfruit Iced
  • Dreamy Dragonfruit Lychee
  • Churned Peanut
  • Weekend Watermelon Iced
  • Boss Blueberry Iced
  • Famous Fruit KO Iced
  • Hip Honeydew Mango Iced
  • Bumpin’ Blackcurrant Iced
  • Gnarly Green D Iced
  • Slammin’ STS

When should I recharge my Flavour Beast Flow device?

The disposable vape’s LED light indicator is inserted at the base. If the device blinks or changes colour, it needs to be recharged.

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