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My Vape Shop delivers premium e-liquids, vape juice, and e-liquid flavours from Canada's biggest vape brands. All e-liquids come in a combination of nicotine strengths, providing customers with exactly what they are looking for in their vaping needs. Big e-juice names in Canada are Lemon Drop, Ruthless, Aqua, Twelve Monkeys and many more. Our Vape liquid ranges from 50/50 and high VG to various nic salt strengths and large bottles of short fills. Buy over 4000+ flavours from $3.00 a bottle. Free delivery is available throughout Canada. 


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What is Vape Juice?

E-liquid, sometimes called vape juice, is a flavoured liquid filled inside the cartridges of electronic cigarettes or vape devices. It heats up and produces aerosol when inhaled by users.

 It is blended with three main base ingredients. However, sometimes four, as nicotine is preferred.

  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetable glycerine
  • Nicotine
  • flavours

Can I change the disposable vape e-liquid?

No, you cannot change the e-liquid in a disposable vape. Disposable vapes are designed for single use with a pre-filled e-liquid and a pre-charged battery. Once the e-liquid is depleted or the battery dies, the entire device is meant to be disposed of. They are not designed to be refilled or recharged.

What is the Difference Between Premium E-Liquid and Regular Vape Liquid?

Premium e-liquids often feature unique flavour blends and undergo extensive research and refinement. They are made in lab conditions that ensure higher purity and consistency in flavour. Regular vape liquids may have a different flavour complexity or consistency level.

What is a Throat Hit?

The throat hit is the sensation felt at the back of the throat when inhaling vapour, especially from e-liquids containing nicotine. It's similar to the feeling experienced while smoking a cigarette.

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What is the Difference Between VG and PG E-Juices?

VG is a thick, syrupy liquid that creates a smoke-like effect and is responsible for vapor production. PG is an artificial mixing agent that enhances the flavor and contributes to the throat hit. PG juices provide a stronger flavor, while VG juices produce more vapor.

50/50 e-liquid 

It contains 50% vegetable glycerine and 50% propylene glycol. This ratio is best for novice vapers as it has an equal PG and VG ratio. It is available only in 10 ml bottles.


The high PG blended suspension of 60% propylene glycerol and 40% vegetable glycerol is favourable for ex-smokers and those who want to quit smoking as it provides a throat hit like traditional cigarettes. These vape juices suit low-powered devices having 1 ohm or above, like  MTL(mouth to lung) style or pod system.


It is a high VG e-juice formula for high-powered sub-ohm (below 1.0 ohm) devices. This e-juice ratio is designed for veteran vapers wanting large cloudy vapours.

Nic salt or nicotine salt

Nic salt is formed by nicotine and benzoic acid derived from tobacco leaves. It combats the nicotine cravings of ex-smokers and gives a long-lasting nicotine impact. Nic salts are only ideal for MTL devices and are sold in only 10 mg or 20 mg strengths in Canada.

  • Quickly absorb in bloodstreams.
  • Smooth throat hit
  • High nicotine strength 
  • Long shelf life 

Short fill e-liquid

Short-fill e-juice bottles are nicotine-free and contain 0% nicotine. It leaves a small space in the bottle for nic salt as 100 ml of short fill bottle contains 80 ml e-juice. The remaining space is left for 20 ml of nicotine; that's why it is referred to as a fill bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best vape juice in Canada?

 Below, we mention some top-rated vape juices in Canada.

How do I store e-liquid?

You can maintain the long shelf life of vape juice by keeping it in a cold and dark place. Avoid keeping vape juice in moisture, heat, or light place. Direct contact with sun and heat will spoil your vape juice before its expiry date

Does vape juice expire?

Yes, because it has food-based PG and VG that have a shelf life. Every e-juice bottle become expires after 1 to 2 years of manufacturing. You can see the expiry date at the bottom of the e-juice.

What is Flavor Ghosting?

Flavor ghosting happens when the taste of a previous e-juice lingers in the vape tank, affecting the flavor of a new e-juice. It’s more common with strong flavors like menthol.

How long does vape liquid last in a vape device?

It depends on your vaping style, duration, kit size, and e-liquid quality. MTL style absorbs less e-liquid than DTL because low-powered vape devices have a small coil that absorbs less e-liquid to evaporate.

Should I Clean the Tank When Adding a New Flavor?

Yes, especially when switching between different flavor profiles. Cleaning the tank ensures the new flavor isn’t overshadowed by the previous one.