Flavour Beast Fixx


Flavour Beast Fixx is a disposable vape with 3000 puffs, including 8mL of pre-filled juice for a longer vaping experience. It’s non-rechargeable and has a battery of 1250mAH with 20mg of Nicotine.


Flavour Beast Fixx Disposable Specification:

  • Device Size: 102*26.8 mm
  • Puff count: up to 3000 puffs
  • Juice: 8 ml juice 
  • Integrated battery capacity: 1250 mAh 
  • Nicotine level: 20 mg
  • Coil Resistant: 1.1 Ohm mesh coil

How long does Flavour Beast Fixx last?

The 8ml of e-juice and the range of 3000 puffs are enough to use for weeks. It mainly depends on the inhaling style and the vaper’s usage. 

How many flavours are in Flavour Beast Fixx Disposable Vape?

  • Awesome Aloe Blackcurrant Iced
  • Bomb Blue Razz
  • Flipping Fruit Flash
  • Loco cocoa Latte Iced
  • Mystic Mint Iced
  • Outrageous Orange Iced
  • Packin’ Peach Berry
  • Savage Strawberry Watermelon Iced
  • Slammin’ STS Iced
  • Wild White Grape Iced

What is Flavour Beast Fixx Vape?

Flavour Beast offers a Fixx, a disposable vape device that comes with a variety of flavour options. It’s designed for approximately 3000 puffs and has a pre-filled capacity of 8ml e-liquid and a 1250mAh battery.

What is the difference between Flavour Beast Flow and Fixx?

The primary differences between Flow and Fixx’s different models of vape devices lie in their puff count, battery life, e-liquid capacity, size, and available flavours.

Is Flavour Beast Canadian?

Yes, Flavour Beast is a brand that operates in Canada and offers a wide range of vaping products.

Is Beast Fixx a rechargeable device?

It is a non-rechargeable vaping device. A 1250 mAh battery is enough to inhale 3000 puffs. 

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